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Welcome to data governance training at UNC. These short videos help to create a solid foundation for faculty, staff and student employees to better understand their shared responsibility in protecting University data. 

Total time commitment 

  • 20 minutes (7 videos, all less than 3 minutes) 
  • Because the time commitment to complete the training is small, it decreases the burden while also making sure everyone has a baseline understanding of challenges and opportunities. 

Who should take this training? 

  • Ideally, everyone! 
  • The top priority is for any and every University employee that engages with Tier 1, 2 or 3 data. 

What are the benefits of the training? 

  • Understand our shared vision for data protection.  
  • Set clear expectations for those who work with data. 
  • Clear up common misconceptions about data protection.  
  • Convey the most important aspects of our data protection work.  
  • Set the stage for more in-depth conversation and training. 

How to watch…

Click on the picture below to start the playlist of the Data Governance videos.

Playlist of Data Governance at UNC Training Videos on YouTube
Data Governance at UNC