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Unless you are producing or gathering new data yourself, the data you want probably resides in some system of the University. To access data in an existing system, you will need to follow the access control method established for that system. Depending on the kinds and classification tiers of the information you need, you may need specific permission granted to be authorized access to each system.

When requesting data access, the gatekeepers for a system may need to determine some or all of the following:

  • your business need
  • the appropriateness of your proposed use
  • the information needed to provide technical access such as:
    • an account,
    • a data feed,
    • a file,
    • your Onyen, or
    • another one-time or ongoing access method.

Knowing who to ask and being able to describe your need can speed up handling of your access requests.

The following systems at the University have established access request procedures in place:

Before you can access the administrative systems at the University, you must review and agree to the Administrative Systems Terms of Use Policy. To agree to the Terms of Use policy, log in to ConnectCarolina with your Onyen and password. Click the compass icon in the upper right corner, and then select the “Terms of Use Policy” icon to review and agree to the policy.