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Data Trustees

Of all the roles that govern Enterprise Data, data trustees have the most responsibility and authority. Data trustees need to know the University policies, laws, and regulations that apply to the data they are responsible for. That way data trustees can follow them. Our data trustees are:

  • Provost
  • Chief Information Officer & Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
  • Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity Compliance
  • Vice Chancellor for Institutional Integrity and Risk Management
  • Vice Chancellor for Research


Data Stewards

Data stewards manage the day-to-day for critical sets of data or data that has the most regulatory risk. Data stewards are the primary subject matter experts of the DGOG for data that needs to be actively managed. Our data stewards are:

  • University Registrar
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Compliance
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Privacy Officer
  • Export Controls Officer
  • Institutional Review Board Representative


Data Managers

Data stewards or trustees appoint data managers, or a person’s position says they should be a data manager. Data managers take part in the DGOG as subject matter experts, and they are responsible for a data domain.


Data Governance Triage Team

The data governance triage team is the first point of contact for anyone making an inquiry to the Data Governance Oversight Group. If you send a University Data Assistance request to the DGOG, a triage team member will receive and process that request. They will liaise communication with data managers, data stewards, and the data trustees. The triage team is staffed by a Data Governance Specialist and a group of representatives from Information Technology Services, Research, Human Resources and the Registrar’s Office who have been appointed to the role.


Data Liaisons

The Data Liaison is the main point of contact for data governance in a school, department, or unit. The Data Liaison oversees the work around governing data in the unit. The Data Liaison consults with the DGOG and other experts and authorities to make sure their unit follows all policies, laws, and regulations. The Data Liaison makes sure that everyone in their unit keeps data secure and uses it the right way.